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I would use the e portfolio for students to put their recipes and pictures of their food on it and share it with their friends and family members

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Reasons for e-portfolio:

Can present work using different learning styles e.g. Create Videos showing understanding of concepts, using different presentation skills online to show new innovations instead of using old PowerPoint. Can then be embedded on the blog as par to presentation and song new technology.


A variety of media
To enable access to parents so they can understand learning better
To show the learning journey as well as the final product
More a part of your learning
Accessible anywhere for comment and feedback
An engaging format to work in 

Stuart Myers
Pakuranga Intermediate School
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Easy to access for parents/students/teachers
Student voice
To use in place of mid year reports as others schools have (perhaps)
Moving away from generic worksheets or reflections

Why use eportfolio

use eportoflio instead of reports
instead of wkik

Why use eportfolio

- authentic audience
- increases ICT skills
- broader audience- option to be more selective

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Our thoughts are "Why does it need to be public?"

To share learning with parents, family. To increase the partnership between child, parent and school rather than a closed forum.

Reflection can be achieved in a variety of ways through audio, video and text. This is a fabulous way to encourage all students, regardless of age and abilities.

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Cindy and Whitney

> Sharing learning with a wider audience
> Keep up with technology and the digital world
> Students can have their learning in a portfolio and keep it over the years - showing what they could do when they were year 1 to year ... Paper gets thrown out, lost or destroyed!
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Re: Why?

> * To meet the needs of the different types of the modern learner.
> * Can be accessed anywhere / anytime

eportfolios why

Accessibility for all whenever and wherever you are.
Buy in for all partnerships
Lifelong learning the journey from kindy to workplace and beyond. Seamless transition
Process not just end product
Authenticate learning and interactions
Journey of learning and engagement to solve learning pitfalls flexibly

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Eportfolio HPPA cluster

At Farm Cove Intermediate we feel that portfolios should be used because:

It gives students open access to learning and voice.
Authentic audiences.
Shows process not just a polished product.
Easy access to add to anytime.

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reflective practice, continuity,
purpose- authentic audience
Students taking responsibility for their own learning
celebrating success
Parent feedback and voice in their child's learning

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The accessability of the artifacts
Home/school partnership
Student choice, student ownership, rather than being teacher directed
Variety of artefacts

E portfolios

Linking with RTLB university training.  Keep in touch with current practice in technology for education.  Using a high interest medium for sharing learning and professional practice.  Extending our learning.  Provide a variety of learning mediums for staff to display their evidence of practice.  Linking with professional registration organisation such as teacher's council and psych registration board.

Robyn Stead

Howick/Pakuranga/Flat Bush/South Otara RTLB Cluster

Practice Leader/Educational Psychologist

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To inform and engage parents
To give children an authentic audience
A different way to present learning - digital opportunity to motivate our learners
Children to give each other feedback
As a teacher - a platform to collate evidence of practice

Rich reflection
The process is recorded as is the product
You can self reflect and share using a range of media
Quality evidence
Links into the real world which the students live in

Stuart Myers
Pakuranga Intermediate School
Phone: 09 5761860 ext 701
Cell Phone: 021 609716